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Our mail-order operates across Europe and provides customers with more than 80.000 products in following product ranges: pharmaceuticals, health products, exclusive cosmetics, consumables for home care, books and contact lenses. You may be certain that all of our products are from liable producers, authorized in Germany and in the original packaging with package leaflet. We are convinced that health should not be a privilege. Hence we are selling our current assortment at low prices: They are permanently 30 - 50 % lower than in other pharmacies. We generally deliver within 2 - 3 workdays with our logistic partner UPS.

We set a high value on quality and assurance. Every customer order will be checked from our dispensing technicians before shipment. In March 2009 we were awarded with the DIMDI-seal from the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information. The seal signifies legitimate mail-order pharmacies which are licensed in Germany.

How to place an order

In our Online-Shop you have the possibility to order discreetly and comfortably from home. Please Log-In with your customer ID and your keyword. If you are visiting our shop for the first time, you can simply register online at the end of your order procedure. If you prefer guided registration just call us (+49-40-533089-0) Use the search function, menu bar or the theme shops to find your desired products. By clicking on "Detail" you will get more information about your products of choice. Select them easily by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Check the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on the button "cart". Please choose your prefered way of delivery. Complete your order by clicking "Check out".

Served Countries

The following list presents potentially supplied European countries and their respective delivery charges.
Belgium (EUR 2,00)
Denmark (EUR 4,00)
France (EUR 5,50)
Finnland (EUR 10,00)
Estonia (EUR 10,00)
Greece (EUR 15,00)
Hungary (EUR 10,00)
Ireland (EUR 10,00)
Italy (EUR 5,50)
Latvia (EUR 10,00)
Lithuania (EUR 10,00)
Luxembourg (EUR 2,00)
Monaco (EUR 5,50)
Netherlands (EUR 2,00)
Poland (EUR 5,50)
Portugal (EUR 15,00)
Romania (EUR 10,00)
Slovak Republic (EUR 15,00)
Slovenia (EUR 10,00)
Sweden (EUR 5,50)
Spain (EUR 10,00)
Czech Republic (EUR 10,00)
United Kingdom (EUR 5,50)

For order values below EUR 40,00 we charge an additional EUR 4,50 for postage costs. From a higher amount than EUR 40,00 specified countries just have to pay the charges registered above.